The Sip-Me company was born out of the desire to bring people health and wellness, all through a simple sip of tea. So much of the world seems out of control, and it can be hard to live a healthy life that puts our wellness first. That’s why we created our line of custom-blended tea, Sip Me, to bring back a sense of well-being for our customers. We believe living joyful healthy lives should be a basic human right, and our teas are meant for just that.


Our Fine tea blends are made from organic natural herbs that boost immunity, boost our health, and boost our mood. We noticed that many other blended tea brands don’t use what mother nature intended, that’s why our premium tea blends are made of 100% all-natural ingredients. To help you make a good choice every day, with every sip your take. When consumed regularly Sip Me teas can have a positive effect on your life, from your mood to your body and soul, our products can make you see a better you in the mirror and a brighter day ahead. So go ahead, take a sip of Sip Me teas, they’re asking to be sipped.