6 ways to Cleanse your body in 1 DAY

1. Kick off -> Lemon water with Sea salt

Start your day with warm water with Lemon and sea salt. Lemon aids in digestion, Sea salt helps to clean the gut with help of Lemon.
This is highly De-toxic drink that can give you a clean gut. Sounds like a good start, Right?

2. Fill in -> Protein or Easy gut Breakfast
After flushing the gut, You better stick to protein or easy gut for breakfast which avoids retaining water in the body.
Have a healthy omega 3 protein rich Salmon/Egg or a Healthy berry Smoothie that is easy on your gut.

3. Krack up -> Lunch, Dinner, Snack
Lets say you only eat loads of veggies, Lean protein such as Grass fed Steak, Eggs, Fish, Chicken and Healthy fats from nuts, seeds such as walnuts, Almonds, Pistachio or Coconut or Avocado

4. Sip in -> Tea
Part of healthy diet, Have a Sip-Me premium Tea product of your choice which balances, Cleanses and Immunizes your whole body and senses.

5. Set, Go -> Sweat out by workout
Time to set motion to your body with some nice workouts aerobic/some weights to get some shape in muscle and strength to your heart and body.
This is best way to inner engineer your body.

6. Tuck in -> Relax, happy smile to sleep
After a good day, Ending the day wit h relaxed mind, A happy Smile on your face is the best way to get on and tuck into bed.. Agree?

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