5 Ways to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up

Tips to Boost Your Motivation:

1. Have a schedule, Ensure you stick to it: Set dedicated times to work on your goals. Put them in your calendar, and don’t book anything else in for those times.

2. "Why" you want to go: Find the value in what you’re doing, to identify why you want to keep going. Is it helping you to reach a larger goal, or benefiting others in some way? You’ll feel more invested and enthusiastic when you can see the benefits and the meaning of a task.

3. Your Mentors: Successful, motivated people know that everyone needs a hand along the way. So, Find a mentor, or more than one, and take time regularly to talk about your goals and receive encouragement from someone who’s been in the same boat, and who knows how to steer it.

4. Take care of yourself and Think positively: Surround yourself with positive people who will help you to get in the zone. Should you fail, always look for learning opportunities instead of dwelling on the negatives. One big “but” – some situations really are bad for you, and in these cases it’s absolutely right to stop or give up. If carrying on is making you ill or truly miserable, then it’s likely not the right path. Changing direction when this happens can be a powerful way to rediscover your “mojo.”

5. Stop comparing to others: This can be hard in our social media-dominated world. Often, we only see the happy highlights from those around us – fancy holidays, “dream” jobs, perfect relationships. But what you see online is only half the story. Everyone is facing their own struggles, and everyone has bad days, just like you. Draw inspiration from those around you, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not on the same level in certain areas. And don’t be lured by the “greener grass” over the fence. Remember, nobody’s life is perfect!

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